Welcome to Homeopathy Health Care


My name is Margaret Herward. I am a classical Homeopath, registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths (2011) which is the main professional body for homeopathic practitioners in Ireland.

 In a former life I was a General Nurse and Midwife and worked for over 25yrs in the Irish hospital system, specialising in Renal Nursing.

I’ve always been a strong advocate of health promotion and education and of empowering people to be proactive in taking responsibility for their own health issues and outcomes.

 My entrée into Homeopathy however began having read a book “Passionate Medicine” by Robert Shohet. The holistic approach to health care made complete sense to me as the mind- body divide was bridged and also the reductionist attitude of one- drug- fits –all similar diagnosis/diseases. In hindsight I realise i was searching for a more gentle form of medicine with less serious side effects, having previously suffered a severe systemic reaction to a drug that was prescribed, and also of course seeing many patients in my nursing career suffer likewise.

I believe in an integrative approach to health care, combining homeopathy with allopathic/mainstream medicine or the separate use of each where applicable in certain cases.

I attended many conferences and seminars over the years including – George Vithoulkas, world renowned homeopath who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Complementary Medicine in 1997, and  DR Rajan Sankaran  -a world renowned homeopath.

I am truly passionate about homeopathy and work with people on different levels to achieve optimum health and well-being in my practice.